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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Creed Thoughts, June 28\creedthoughts

Who decided that pigs are for eating but rats get a free ride?

I’d play the lottery if they let me pick the balls.

Television hasn’t been good since “The Goldbergs.”

I’ve played Monopoly in real life and bankruptcy is a lot harder to get out of than the game makes it seem.

Music really makes me want to sing, man.

They should rename the Virgin Islands. That was an expensive mistake.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fighting Firemen

New York Times film critic, Matt Zoller Seitz has wonderful Rescue Me interview on Television Without Pity, where Jack McGee, who plays Chief Jerry Reilly blasts writer and star Denis Leary (who plays Tommy Gavin). Reilly, whose character committed suicide in episode three of the fourth season, takes issue with the decision to kill off his character while Peter Tolan, Leary's co-writer/producer gives an entirely different account. It's got some great insight into the inner workings of the set and some juicy gossip. Highly recommended reading.

Jack McGee wants to talk.

The 59-year-old former firefighter and veteran character actor played firehouse chief Jerry Reilly for three seasons on FX's controversial hit series Rescue Me, acting opposite star and executive producer Denis Leary as part of one the most colorful ensembles on television. The show's macho melodrama -- largely co-scripted by Leary and his main collaborator, Peter Tolan -- has followed the blustering Reilly learning to understand and accept his gay son, coping with his beloved wife's Alzheimer's diagnosis, and recovering from a heart attack.

After all that, he blows his brains out, in the final seconds of the show's June 27 episode.

The character's suicide occurs after a series of epiphanies. Reilly makes a heartfelt toast at his son's wedding to another man. But he also fails a physical exam required to resume work at the firehouse, then grudgingly accepts a desk job in the Fire Department of New York's administrative headquarters, where he helps Leary's character, screw-up firefighter Tommy Gavin, quash documents implicating him on arson charges. In the final minutes of McGee's last episode, Reilly goes to the firehouse to inform Gavin that he's saved Gavin's bacon yet again, and is given a surprise going-away party and a set of golf clubs. Then he goes home and shoots himself.

McGee says the character's exit didn't make sense. "Tell me, how does the only guy [on the series], the guy who always does the right thing, a stand-up guy with all the other guys, the guy everybody goes to when they have a problem, the guy who stood by his wife after she developed Alzheimer's, go off and take his life?" McGee asked in a phone interview from the set of a film shoot in Hawaii.

Is Reilly's suicide understandable, considering how much the character loved fighting fires? McGee says the character might have considered suicide after losing his dream job, but he wouldn't have followed through, because he was a tough, adaptable man with a wife who depended on him. "My own true feeling is, I think the wrong character killed himself," McGee says, referring to Gavin.

Beyond that, McGee objects to his treatment by Leary: "I want to walk away from this as clean as possible, but I'm not gonna sugarcoat it."

McGee says that Leary, who declined requests to be interviewed for this piece, cultivates a public image as a bold, blunt, hands-on actor-writer-producer who loves collaboration, but is actually an insecure, controlling person who hogs the spotlight. ("The promos are all him -- you'd think there was nobody else on the show.") McGee also says Leary demands deference from costars, ostracizes those who don't grant it, and avoids taking responsibility for unpleasant creative decisions, preferring to subcontract the delivery of bad news to his fellow executive producers, Peter Tolan and Jim Serpico.

"He's a bully, is what he is," McGee says. "Bullies most of the time don't have the guts to do things themselves."

Asked if he can recall any other actors being written out under circumstances similar to his, McGee mentions Dean Winters, who played Tommy Gavin's cop brother, Johnny, a character who was shot dead last season. McGee speculates that Leary had him written out "because Dean didn't kiss his ass."

McGee says Leary began marginalizing him (McGee, not Winters) without explanation during the production of Season Three. After the hiatus between Seasons Three and Four, two days before Christmas, Tolan informed McGee that he and Leary had decided to kill off McGee's character. McGee says that although the news angered and depressed him, he accepted it.

But McGee adds that in the spring of 2007, during production of the last three episodes in which he appears, Leary avoided speaking to him when they weren't acting in a scene together, and that after the conclusion of McGee's last scene, the star walked away from the set without saying a word to McGee. He says Leary never talked with him about his termination, and let Tolan and co-executive producer Jim Serpico handle it. And McGee was not invited to the fourth-season premiere in New York City last month.

"I never got an explanation [for why Reilly was written out]," McGee continues. "I worked with Denis for three years and change. Then he walked away from it and never said a word to me. Not that he said much to me in the year before that. I guess I wound up in his doghouse. I'm not here to character-assassinate him. If I knew why this happened, I would tell you in a minute, 'I fucked up.' And that's the truth of it."

McGee says he can recall only two complaints from Leary about his work -- a reprimand for bringing guests to the set without asking permission from the show's production office, and a note about his body language, delivered secondhand by Tolan.

"Tolan said that Denis had a problem with my moving my head in a certain way. I said, 'Are you fucking kidding me? Tell the director to tell me and I'll stop doing it. It made George Clooney a million dollars.' I laughed about it with Peter.'"

McGee says he isn't surprised that Leary never had a face-to-face discussion with him about the decision to write him out, because "that would take a real man to do that. Denis doesn't know how to do that. His persona would make you think he's straight-up, he's honest and he's forthright. But I never got an indication of that. The truth is, if he knocked on my door right now, I'd be able to look him right in the eye. I don't know if he could do that."


Peter Tolan has a different version of events.

Tolan, who has been Leary's co-writer and co-producer since the short-lived but critically acclaimed ABC cop series The Job, says, "Jack is being disingenuous if he says nobody explained to him what was going on. The difference he's drawing is, apparently he wanted to hear [the bad news] from Denis, when the fact remains that Denis is wearing about eight different hats on the show and doesn't have anything to do with the hiring and firing of actors."

Asked to justify Reilly's death from a dramatic standpoint, Tolan says it was about violating audience expectations. He refers to the third-season episode in which Reilly suffered a heart attack and Johnny got shot three times in the back.

"Last season, we realized we were gonna kill Johnny in one episode," Tolan said. "What we wanted to do was throw the audience off a little bit. We wanted to make it a bit more jarring than it would be otherwise. We wanted to have Jack have a heart attack -- 'Oh, my God, is he dead on the floor or not?' -- and then go to Johnny being killed. It was a one-two punch. The audience is thinking, 'Oh, my God, they're gonna kill two people in one [episode]."

And then they didn't. Johnny died, but the chief lived.

Then, during the hiatus between seasons, Tolan and Leary "decided thematically what the fourth season was gonna be. It's about loss for these firefighters over time, because of their difficulty maintaining relationships with families and friends that have nothing to do with their jobs. They really have no lives without their jobs. We said, 'Let's do The Ghost of Christmas Future [from A Christmas Carol]. Let's see what the future is going to be like for Tommy and these guys if they don't change their ways. We had to have that affect a member of the crew. We decided that crewmember would be Jerry Reilly. One of the things we threw out was, 'Maybe he fails the physical [and] he kills himself.' As soon as we came up with that, we said, 'That's what we're gonna do.'"

While Tolan insists Reilly's demise had "very little to do with Jack McGee and everything to do with the fact that Rescue Me is a dark show," he adds that McGee's stint as series regular was not trouble-free. "Yes, yes, he made errors. Not just inviting people to the set, but bringing them into Denis's trailer when Denis was trying to relax or not working... But Denis doesn't hold grudges. Denis says, 'Let's not have it happen again,' and then he moves on."

As for McGee's feeling that he was shut out by Leary and the rest of the cast for no discernible reason, Tolan says, "There's not a shutting out. But you can, by your own behavior, shut yourself out for [other] people."

Asked for an example, Tolan recalled the shooting of one scene that ended with McGee telling another actor, "That thing you're doing? You shouldn't do it anymore." The actor told McGee, "Fuck you -- it's not your job to tell me how to act."

Tolan declined to name the actor or say when the incident occurred.

Most damningly, Tolan says that after being informed of his character's impending death, McGee threatened not to return for filming of the fourth season.

Tolan says that after delivering the bad news, he urged McGee to "take the high road... What he did then was threaten not to come back for the [new] season at all. He put us all in a bad situation, and by that act, fouled the waters that had come before. If he wasn't asked back [to the premiere] it may have been because of that one thing... After I told him to take the high road, then to be treated to this -- I found it a little difficult to take."

McGee denies that he ever threatened to walk off the show. "Never, never did I threaten to not come back to the show for the beginning of Season Four. Whether it is Peter Tolan or Jim Serpico -- who were the only ones I spoke to at that time -- who said that this is what happened, [they] were either misinformed or misled by someone else."

McGee cops to bringing guests to meet Leary in his trailer, and to offering unsolicited notes to a costar -- the unnamed actor in Tolan's anecdote, says McGee, is Steven Pasquale, who plays Sean Garrity. "That occurred in the middle of the first season, and within a day or two following that conversation, I apologized to Steve Pasquale and told him I was out of line, and that he was brilliant at what he was doing, and he accepted, and appreciated my acknowledging my putting my foot in my mouth. That was almost two and a half years ago."

As for the trailer incident, "I took responsibility [and] acknowledged that it was wrong to do. This happened at the beginning of the second season, and not once after it was brought to my attention did I invite anyone to the set."

"Denis and Peter gave me the opportunity to play a role of a lifetime, and for that I'll always be grateful," McGee concludes. "Yes, I made mistakes, and I've learned a lot from the whole experience. I wish them all the best in the future. All this he-said-she-said is nothing but firehouse washwoman bullshit. It really reminds me of the New York fire department kitchen... I'm actually happy to be away from 'The Brilliant Bully.'"

Tolan disputes that description of Leary. He says McGee's suggestion that Dean Winters was written out of the series for failing to kiss up to Leary is "hearsay, because Dean never said anything to me. I did hear from a second party that Dean was not exactly happy that he was being written out. But I never heard that it was specifically aimed at anybody. He liked the show, he liked the part, he was sorry to see it end. He never spoke to me, but I only heard anecdotally that he was kind of upset that it was done. It was never anything about Denis." Winters did not return phone calls seeking comment.

Tolan adds that it would be a mistake to assume that Leary is as unpleasant as his Rescue Me character.

"I never heard anybody complain about Denis," Tolan says. "I complain about Denis because I have to work with him so much. I'm in contact with him more than anyone else on the show, so goddamn it, I have the right to complain. But when people tell me, 'Boy, Tommy Gavin is an incredibly complex, dysfunctional character,' I always say the same thing, which is, 'Denis is acting!' Frankly, if he was that dysfunctional, that much of a prick, would I work with him for seven years?'"

Keywords: FX, Rescue Me, Denis Leary, Jack McGee, Peter Tolan, Tommy Gavin

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Creed Thoughts, June 21\creedthoughts

I turn all kinds of things into pies.

Who hasn’t lived in a cave at one point or another? That’s what they’re for.

You say diabetes, I say diabetos.

Give me a mug and some beans and I’ll find a way to make your damn coffee.

Every time I step on a nail, I thank my shoes for doing their job the best they could.

I’d grow a beard but I don’t have the time.

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Dexter's on the 'Hustle'

The brilliant BBC drama, Hustle, a drama in the vein of Ocean's 11 will be sending one of its stars over to Showtime. Dexter, the acclaimed series about a Robin Hoodesque serial killer has signed Jaime Murray in what is reported to be a major recurring role.

Keywords: Showtime, BBC, Dexter, Hustle, Jaime Murray, Michael C. Hall

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Creed Thoughts, June 14\creedthoughts

Winning is everything when it comes to Russian Roulette.

I tore my rotator cuff. I always hated that thing.

Screw parasailing, man. Make the handicapped sail like the rest of us.

I’m really bad at remembering birthdays. I think mine’s in June, but who knows?

I’ll take the moon over the sun any day of the week.

Man, what ever happened to Zaire? That place was crazy!

Reminder: Michael’s safe combo: 23-26-30

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11.9 million Lose an Hour of Their Life

11.9 million viewers tuned in to watch the series finale of The Sopranos. For those counting at home, that's 714 million minutes wasted, never to return.

Keywords: HBO, The Sopranos, Tony Soprano, Finale, Final Season, Series Finale

Monday, June 11, 2007

Rioting Breaks After 'Disappointing' Finale of Sopranos

Dateline Hollywood has a hilarious article about the Series Finale of The Sopranos.

Hollywood – Hundreds are dead and damage has reached the billions of dollars as tens of thousands of viewers rioted in cities across America following the ambivalent and, many looters claimed, unsatisfactory series finale of “The Sopranos.”

Series creator David Chase is being held by the FBI as authorities protect him from over 3,000 death threats and consider whether to prosecute him for aiding and abetting murder, looting and arson in every major United States city.

“I’ve spent seven years of my life on this show and it ends with Tony and his family eating onion rings?” said Dan Sanlow as he lit a police car on fire in Chicago late Sunday night. “They can’t even tell us what happened to that Russian guy in the woods?!”

The final scene of the series at a diner showed a person who looked like a hit man entering the restroom behind Tony and might be expected to come back out and kill the entire family, but then the screen went black for about five seconds and the show ended.

“I thought one of the kids had changed the channel or something and I ended up beating the sh*t out of him,” said parent Brian W. Greanalepe, a longtime fan of the series. “My bad.”

Moments after the final scene aired on the east coast, 911 call centers started receiving calls of looting, fires, and beatings in New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, and over a dozen cities in New Jersey. Response times were slow, however, as many operators were engaged in intense discussions about the show’s final scene.

“Half of us thought that Tony died when the scene went black, but Leticia and all her friends on the other side of the room thought David Chase was subverting our expectation that a mob epic had to end with a grisly murder,” said 911 operator Mary Anne Myers.

“The Sopranos’” surprisingly ambivalent ending resulted in detailed critiques by amateur critics across America.

“Playing against viewer expectations as always, David Chase refused to stage a mass extermination, or put the characters through major transformations, or even provide any kind of comfortable closure,” said viewer Alex Brockton right after being arrested for throwing a Molotov cocktail at HBO offices in Santa Monica, California.

Many of Chase’s fellow writers said they warned the “Sopranos” creator not to end the series on such an unsatisfying note.

“I told David that he would have blood on his hands if he didn’t give the fans a satifactory ending,” said co-executive producer Matthew Weiner, who is now in the federal witness protection program while he waits to testify against his former boss.

Chase, who is currently being held by the FBI, is also receiving little support from the Hollywood community.

“The ‘Sopranos’ finale showed a fundamental lack of respect for the fans,” said “Lost” co-creator J.J. Abrams. “Viewers deserve to get mad when a show doesn’t tie up all its major plot points, but instead leaves them with a bunch of unanswered questions.”
Keywords: HBO, Dateline Hollywood, Sopranos, Series Finale, David Chase

Friday, June 8, 2007

Creed Thoughts (June 9)

More wisdom from good old Creed Bratton

Boxers or thiefs? Who wants to know?

This might not be “Peacie,” but I think we should segregate the ghost population from the living. Thoughts?

I’d chew ice cubes all day if they weren’t so sharp.

If you want to be a good hitchhiker, you’ve got to think outside of the thumb. Don’t just stand there when you could be dancing.

Types of girls I like: Brazilian, Ukrainian, South African, Canadian [the further North, the better], short, Wisconsin.

You’d be surprised to know how many passports I’ve got.

Reminder: Michael’s safe combo: 23-20-26

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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Creed Thoughts, June 7\www.creedthoughts

Boxers or thiefs? Who wants to know?

This might not be “Peacie,” but I think we should segregate the ghost population from the living. Thoughts?

I’d chew ice cubes all day if they weren’t so sharp.

If you want to be a good hitchhiker, you’ve got to think outside of the thumb. Don’t just stand there when you could be dancing.

Types of girls I like: Brazilian, Ukrainian, South African, Canadian [the further North, the better], short, Wisconsin.

You’d be surprised to know how many passports I’ve got.

Reminder: Michael’s safe combo: 23-20-26
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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

TCA Announces Nominees

Nominations are pretty good this year.

Bold is who will win.

Italics are who will win.

"American Idol" (Fox)
"Friday Night Lights" (NBC)
"Heroes" (NBC)
"Planet Earth" (Discovery)
"The Wire" (HBO)
"When the Levees Broke" (HBO)

"30 Rock" (NBC)
"The Daily Show" (Comedy Central)
"Entourage" (HBO)
"The Office" (NBC)
"Ugly Betty" (ABC)

"Friday Night Lights" (NBC)
"Heroes" (NBC)
"Lost" (ABC)
"The Sopranos" (HBO)
"The Wire" (HBO)

"Broken Trail" (AMC)
"Planet Earth" (Discovery)
"Prime Suspect" (PBS)
"The State Within" (BBC America)
"When the Levees Broke" (HBO)

"30 Rock" (NBC)
"Dexter" (Showtime)
"Friday Night Lights" (NBC)

"Heroes" (NBC)
"Ugly Betty" (ABC)

Alec Baldwin, "30 Rock"
Stephen Colbert, "The Colbert Report"
America Ferrera, "Ugly Betty"
Tina Fey, "30 Rock"
Jon Stewart, "The Daily Show"

Connie Britton, "Friday Night Lights"
Kyle Chandler, "Friday Night Lights"
Michael C. Hall, "Dexter"
Hugh Laurie, "House"
Helen Mirren, "Prime Suspect"

"M*A*S*H" (CBS)
"Roots" (ABC)
"Sesame Street" (PBS)
"The Mary Tyler Moore Show" (CBS)
"The Sopranos" (HBO)

$20 and a cookie for anyone who can figure out how American Idol made the cut while Carell, McShane and Gandolfini were left in the cold.

Keywords: Television Critics Association, TCA, Television Awards, Awards

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Strangest Surfer

That John From Cincinnati is viewed by many as the show that killed Deadwood doesn’t seem a concern for David Milch (quite possibly the most insane, albeit brilliant, man in television) proves he has little interest in placating anyone with John. As bizarre a series as there has been, the show focuses on a dysfunctional surfing family that may or may not have paranormal powers (all signs point to yes).

John’s (Austin Nichols) inclusion in the title is fitting (despite uttering no more than six or seven different phrases) given that he’s the most peculiar in a cast that has no shortage of peculiar characters.

As for the slighted Deadwood fan base, while nowhere near as good, John does bring back quite a few actors from the Western masterpiece and has no shortage of the trademark Milch dialogue, ripe with Shakespearean inversion.

After three episodes, I can say with some honesty that I haven’t the foggiest idea what the show is about. My best guess is that Jesus Christ might have been a surfer, but I’d wager Milch himself doesn’t even know. What I do know is that despite my love of Deadwood and predisposition to resent John, I’m surprised that I want to know what happens next. And that’s without ever really knowing what happened before.

‘John From Cincinnati’ debuts on HBO, Sunday, June 11th right after ‘The Sopranos.’

Keywords: HBO, John From Cincinnati, Deadwood, David Milch

Monday, June 4, 2007

Bright As It Ever Was

Season Four of Rescue Me quickly proves it’s still the best drama on television (second to The Wire). The new season finds Tommy (Denis Leary) under investigation for insurance fraud for the fire started by Sheila (Callie Thorne) at the end of last season. Naturally, Tommy has no memory of it after being drugged by Sheila (in fairness, she didn’t mean to start the fire).

After the birth of Janet’s (Andrea Roth) child, Tommy is back home in a ‘plutonic’ living arrangement. To complicate things, Tommy’s horrified to learn his daughter shares the Gavin genes and Janet might be going through the early stages of post partum depression.

Meanwhile Tommy’s firehouse family wastes no time in reminding viewers of their domestic and personal struggles. Within the first three episodes, one member deals with suicide, another with euthanasia, while a third struggles with his sexual relationship with a nun.

Somehow, in spite of it all, the show still manages to provide its trademark laughs. And by avoiding the potential trap of going overboard with the arson investigation, another great season seems to be in store.

The fourth season of ‘Rescue Me’ debuts on FX, Wednesday, June 13th at 10 p.m.

Keywords: FX, F/X, Rescue Me, Denis Leary, Season Four, Season 4

Friday, June 1, 2007

Tell Your God to Ready for Blood

If the two feature films promised after the abrupt cancellation of Deadwood never materialize, viewers can lay head to pillow knowing the third and final season is a fitting end to one of the finest television series in American history.

Created by David Milch (NYPD Blue, John From Cincinnati), the first season introduced Deadwood, a lawless camp in the Dakota territory. Decreed as Indian Land yet occupied by whites due to its massive gold deposits, Deadwood operated outside the confines of the United States government. While the setting allowed for violence, profanity, sex and gambling on a scale unlike any other seen in television or film, it also provided an amazing study on how social order and in turn law, is formed out of chaos.

At the start of season three, the town is set to hold elections, the first major step towards annexation and a symbol of the town’s integration to society. Unfortunately along with the conventions of society comes the blood of capitalism, in the form of the American oil powerhouse George Hearst (Gerald McRaney).

Hearst, unused to his mining interests being in occupied towns, immediately attempts to bend the camp to his will. The result is a season long battle that unites the founders of Deadwood (Pimp, Sheriff & Journalist alike) against Hearst.

While the story of Al Swearengen (Ian McShane), Seth Bullock (Timothy Olyphant) and the rest of Deadwood’s original cast was a joy, the arrival of Hearst brings the water to a boil, putting Deadwood’s fate, and more importantly Swearengen’s, in real jeopardy for the first time.

McRaney and McShane, both of whom were submitted for Emmy consideration (and all things being fair, should win) provide some of the most memorable scenes in television history. Their onscreen chemistry is such that even in their most civil moments it’s not difficult to imagine that they’d put the fear of God into Jack Bauer or Tony Soprano.

The season three DVD set includes six discs and comes with the same beautiful cover-art and packaging (you could club someone over the head with this thing) as season’s one and two. The special features, while excellent, are too few given the unexpected cancellation and uncertainty around the two feature films promised to wrap things up.

Of the four audio commentaries, the hilarious pairing of Timothy Olyphant and McShane is inexcusably absent. Nor is there anything to be found from McRaney or Molly Parker. The Educating of Swearengen and Bullock, a twenty minute feature detailing the two main characters relationship and history is, however, is the best extra on any of the three seasons DVD sets and provides great insight along with a collage of Deadwood’s greatest scenes. Deadwood Matures, the historical featurette which makes a return in concert with the show’s timeline is a provocative and informative look at the real town of Deadwood (although it’s just a sneaky way of making viewers learn history).

For fans of Deadwood, season three is a must buy. For those that haven’t seen the show, if you’re not averse to nasty language or violence, go grab season one. Season three will be here for you when you’re ready.

Deadwood: The Complete Third Season (HBO)

Release Date June 12th, 2007

Starring: Ian McShane, Timothy Olyphant, Molly Parker, Gerald McRaney, Brian Cox

Keywords: HBO, Deadwood, Season Three, Season 3, Ian McShane, Al Swearengen

Creed Thoughts, May 31\creedthoughts

Where’s Thousand Island? I’ve got some vacation time saved up and it sounds like a delicious place to visit.

Root beer floats. It does. I’ve tested it.

There’s a fat man that sits by me. He has some sort of jar of multi-colored power beans. I need those beans, man.

The last thing I want to deal with at work is people.

I’m thinking about buying a horse. Great for transportation and once you’re done with it, you’ve got about seven days worth of meals.

Never trust mailmen.

Reminder: Michael’s safe combo: 20-22-36.

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